Best way to capture and deploy images (some thin some large)

I am the new IT guy for a nonprofit company with about 80 users and there are 6 sites I support.  I do have a couple computer labs that have 6-8 of the exact same computer set up pretty specifically with local policy and programs.  I'd love to be able to create an image for these groups of computers since in the lab environment, they tend to get trashed quicker than the office PC's... (deep freeze and clean slate are on the radar for next years budget).

But I also have a fair amount of random computers, all different brands that I'd like to be able to make images for as well; pretty thin, just OS and Office, a few programs.

What would my best bet be to capture these images (the lab ones are more of a pressing matter at this time since I have a bunch I am deploying and I'd like to get one captured).  I used Ghost years and years ago I don't even remember how it worked.  I read a little about MDT and WAIK but this is all kind of new to me, the simpler the better, but I want it to be reliable of course.  

I appreciate any help you can offer.
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CableApeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Acronis is a nice imaging software, Ghost is another I have used extensively over the years.  But out of all of them I really like R-Drive Imaging.

Perhaps it's personal taste, but I just find that R-Drive imaging has just about everything I would need in an imaging software package.

You can boot from images off a USB stick, you can explore existing images, and edit them.  Just a very user friendly, resource rich imaging tool.
shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need acronis Snap Deploy 4

Its fast, reliable and excellent to image remote computer and to deploy images remotely.
Check out the videos explain the product on youtube
You would love the product
g8rcubAuthor Commented:
Are there any other free options?  Which Microsoft tools would be best suited for this, and easy to implement?
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