Hp 4250

I have a HP LazerJet 4250 and when the user selects tray 2 it still prints to tray 1. How can i resolve this?
I checked the settings via the web ipaddress
It is setup to Use Requested Tray : Exclusively
Paper handling says:
Tray 1 Size : Any Size
Tray 1 Type : Any Type
Tray 2 Size: Letter
Tray 2 Type: Plain

The letter head is in tray 1 and the user wants to print to tray 2.
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tomcahillConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it gets confusing because the printer, driver, and application all have a role in this.

having the size and type as any is virtually the same as plain letter.  That's like the default paper.

If you specify tray one as letterhead and tray two as plain, then when you print you need to specify what type is being printed and it should pull from the appropriate tray.
specify the size and type of tray 1.
TechyTAuthor Commented:
Well, what I ended up doing was this.
In the document when I go to print I select tray 2 (normal paper) and it will print fine.
Now when I want to print to tray 1, if i simply select tray 1 it will not print correctly.
I have to specifically tell it the type Letterhead as well and then it will print to it.
Not sure why i have to change the type to letterhead from unspecified but it works.

I know I changed on the printer itself Tray 1 size to : Letter and Tray 1 Type to: Letterhead.
I changed the type back to Any but it didn't make a difference.

Any thoughts on resolving that and I will reward you points..
TechyTAuthor Commented:
Yeah I see the user has to select the type. What I had done.
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