exim not expanding alias for root

hi experts

i am running exim 4.63 on centos 5.8 and i have a problem.

now my box is able to
- send email out just fine
- relay email out just fine

however it is not able to expand the alias for root which is configured in /etc/aliases like below
root :                    mypersonalemail@gmail.com

i also tried, the following
root:                      someuser
someuser:            mypersonalemail@gmail.com

i also ran newaliases after modifying /etc/aliases and restarted exim before testing

so i expect any mail directed to root to reach mypersonalemail@gmail.com
however exim routes it via my gmail route where it gets bounced by google servers as they don't know who root@mybox is.

following are excerpts from my exim.conf
# route
  driver = manualroute
  transport = gmail_relay
  route_list = * smtp.gmail.com

# transport
  driver = smtp
  port = 587
  hosts_require_auth = $host_address
  hosts_require_tls = $host_address

# authenticator
  driver = plaintext
  public_name = LOGIN
  hide client_send = : mypersonalemail@gmail.com : mypasswordongmail

my soul is aching as a direct consequence of this. :(
can i please bank on your kind heartedness and massive technical skills. :)

thanks experts
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Just that you do not parse aliases in exim configuration and run newaliases to make sendmail happy.
Would be nice if you manage to figure out which mail you are/want to be using and configure accordingly.
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