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Hi Experts

I am Very, very new to SQL and need a bit of help.  I need to create a delete statement that
can handle multiple items in the wholesaleID.  Here is the statement that I use
when I am deleting 1 condition at a time.  Very time consuming.  

FROM [NYP-RetailDataSQL].dbo.[Sales-Compare918A]
WHERE WholesaleID = '99-MW' AND [Data Date] = '2012-09-11'

I would like to also delete 12-MW, 14-MA, 22-SW, 30-MA, 88-SW which are wholesaleID's.  
Is there a way to incorporate these items into the single item statement so that I am not having to go back change it one at a time?

Much thanks

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borkiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This might work:

FROM [NYP-RetailDataSQL].dbo.[Sales-Compare918A]
WHERE (WholesaleID IN ('99-MW', '12-MW', '14-MA', '22-SW', '30-MA', '88-SW') )
   AND [Data Date] = '2012-09-11'
spudmccAuthor Commented:
Perfect.  Thanks so much for the quick response and your time.  

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