add fax functionality to pbx in a flash

hi experts

i have pbx in a flash installed in a vm and serving me faithfully for few months.
i now want to add fax functionality to it.

however i don't have a fax machine.
so i want my pbif box to receive fax and send it to my email address.
i believe this is possible as other have done it.

currently, my logs show that fax is being received but destionation is "s" which i mean stand for "can't send it anywhere as i don't know where to send it"

here is the actual log entry
2012-09-16 21:35:27            1347845727.9307      SIP      289XXXXXX      905XXXXXX      ReceiveFAX      s            ANSWERED      00:36

i also saw actual fax message in the /var/spool/mqueue which strenthens my belief that i can receive fax just can't send it out via email due to config issue.

please shower me with your abundant kindness and enlighten my soul.

thanks experts
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PhonebuffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you looked at at the install-incredfax2.  

I have used it a couple of times and the PIAF guys have done another great job of packing a complex animal.

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