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Currently we have  an  edu Institute that is hosting our external dns records. We currenttly host our own web servers but are moving them to a cloud provider. They are asking for a cname record to be created that points to their servers using our current address.  

lets say our current web site is www.example.com.  We need to create a cname record on the dns  record that points www.example.com to webhost.com.  We have created an A record for the webhost.com on our dns servers, but when I try to create a cname record it only creates an alias for webhost.com.example.com. Can the institute hosting our dns create another zone for webhost.com then create the cname? Is it possible to do redirection like this?

Windows 2008 DNS servers,

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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under your forward lookup zone for example.com, delete the www A record.

the right click on the forward lookup zone for example.com and select create a New Alias (CNAME).  

For alias name put only www
for Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for target host put in yourhost.webhost.com
TimMcGrathAuthor Commented:
Are you saying to right click and create another zone? If I create a cname under the forward lookup zone it automatically inserts example.com, so any alias I create has myhost.webhost.exmaple.com.
TimMcGrathAuthor Commented:
Ignore my last post. Followed your instructions and got it working.

Thank you!
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