How do I use robocopy GUI

Dear experts,

I attend to copy all data to my external hard disk with keeping all the permission of NTFS.

These folders and files are sharing to client, after back it up to ext HDD I plan to plug it in to another server and share it again for the user with keeping the same configuration like when it in old server.

I heard the robocopy providing the fatest speed for copy.
Do you have any advise for the structure of the command ? I read the manual but it really hard for me to decide which is correct.

*Note: I also wanna try DFS between Windows Server 2003 R2 Std and Windows Server 2008 R2 Srd but nothing syncing between two these servers. so that's why I use the copy manual.

Thanks in advance.
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The likely issue is that the external you are using does not use ntfs as the file system.
Not quite sure why you are introducing an external storage unless the two servers are not in the same location. In a case where the servers are not in the same location, using a backup software to combine the files and then restore them on the other server.
Using dfs management interface configure the replication group first where you define the server with the data as the master such that once the replication is established the files from master will flow to the other. Ay subsequent additions to either will propagate to the other.
Once replication is configured and complete you can publish the domain based share that has the two servers as targets.

Using the command line
On the server to which you are copying
robocopy \\severa\directory d:\directory /e /copyall /z
From the sever from which you are copying
robocopy d:\directory \\serverb\directory /e /copyall /z

Use /L to have a printout of what will be copied and the statistics without the copying actually taking place.
bmkhoiAuthor Commented:
Hi arnold,

Thanks for your quick reply, could you please tell me what does /e and /z stand for?

and May I confirm that I will logon by domain administrator account, is it enough permission to run these command you provided me?

Thanks in advance.
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/e tells it to copy directories recursively including empty files.
/z is a Copy n restart mode.

All the switches are described on
bmkhoiAuthor Commented:
I tried and successful but all the security permisson was gone.
Do you have any advise to copy and keep all security permission on 2k3 and 2k8
run cacls on the current versus cacls on the new.

cacls d:\directory on each side and if you could post the output.

The issue might be that the user SIDs do not exist on the win2k8
Is the win2k3 use domain based security settings? Or you might be using local security groups which exist on the win2k3 but do not on the win2k8 or if they exist their windows numeric representation is not the same.

On the win2k8 you will see numerical 32332-500-3432432-343 type of references

groupa on win2k3 is 343-34-34234532542 while groupa on win2k8 is 3212-232-3432542354
bmkhoiAuthor Commented:

Is the win2k3 use domain based security settings?

A: Yes, 2k3 use domain based security and 2k8 also. Both 2k3 and 2k8 are in same domain.

May I change the question to: " I will use external hard disk to copy data from 2k3 (of course that that data have security permission, then I plug out and connect to 2k8, will all security permission will keep the same? " (Note that 2k3 and 2k8 are same domain controller, active directory)
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