Babylon search bar/internet explorer problem

How do you get rid of appears to be fairly malicious malware/adware?  I have tried many approaches but have not been successful because it appears to have planted a lot of cookies on my PC.  Your assistance is appreciated.
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capreolAuthor Commented:
I had to go into Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options and then the Advanced Tab.  You have to click on Reset Internet Explorer settings.  You then have to close Internet Explorer and restart Internet Explorer and Babylon is gone!
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Cookies by themselves are not harmful.  Here are instructions from a reputable place:
Add/remove software, view>toolbars from the IE window and unselected the unwanted tool bar.
capreolAuthor Commented:
The other suggested solutions did not work.  After considerable time trying to get rid of this thing I finally happened on the solution.
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