How do i find driver Software for RS26 footpedal

Hi i have swapped over computers for a client. Faster machine etc etc. BUT I can not find any online software for the foot pedal associated with his dictation software.

I have the pedal, it used to work. all i need is the software to drive the pedal on the new PC which is running CP Prpofessional.

Everything else is fine. I only need to find the software for the pedal.

Can anyone point me to a site that will have the software and NOT this driver detective promising to provide the driver, but only gets me to fill in a form for more information.

Kinda Urgent.


Brendan Vowles
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BrenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After all the mucking around, I had to change software and purchase it's particular footpedal.

The new software would not work with the foot pedal associated with the older software.. The closest i came was instructions to make a custom dll and this method was not given any hope of success.

The footpedal software is integrated with the dictation software, and the only solution was to purchase new software AND a new recommended footpedal.

What a waste of time.

excellent site.  excellent little program.  I normally don't let it install any programs though, just drivers.
BrenAuthor Commented:
No, I looked in the site, Joined the forum etc ...

Nothing to date.
Same OS as the older machine?

And I presume that these foot pedals are USB connected, any signs of them being detected in the OS?

I'm presuming your software is Olympus based.  Look at this,-what-shoud-I-do-.aspx
BrenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for people who contacted me, but their contributions led me further away from what needed to happen.

Based on my own research, i found the only solution was to purchase different (more modern) software, as well as it's associated pedal.
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