Mac devices not asking for wireless password when changed on the access point

Hello.   Having issues recently with Mac devices not connecting to my wireless network after changing the password/key for the network.  The WEP key is changed at intervals to keep extraneous users to a minimum and conserve bandwidth (seems to help).

Password is changed twice yearly so returning visitor with their Mac laptop, iPhone or iPad arrives onsite with their device configured with the prior/old WEP key (SSID remains the same but the WEP key changed).  Upon attempting to connect, the device does not prompt for a new password but simply fails in random ways (no connectivity, fails connection with no error, connects but won't open web pages).

The remedy in almost all cases is to 'forget' the network or delete it from the laptop and start over.  In most cases this seems to work fine.

It is, however, a big hassle to everyone involved - user, management and IT.

Any thoughts on what to do in the following environment:
1. Access points are Cisco 1100s (AIR-AP1121G-A-K9).  They have been deployed now for some 8 years now -- yes, still running well with this exception.
2. Apple equipment is generally a Macbook, iPhone and/or iPad (many have all three).  Windows users do not seem to experience this issue (at least no reports).
3. Encryption is WEP for these units since WEP is the only option without access to a RADIUS server.
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atroutcatcherAuthor Commented:
Hi.  This question sat so long that it's really no longer 'open' for my client.  Thanks for your comment and suggestions.

Changing the SSID wouldn't be an option for the guests as they always expect to use the same one upon return to the premises.

A script would be nice but it would be difficult to deploy due to the transient nature of the clients (again, this is a luxury hotel).

We have since begun the implementation of an outsourced solution so all of this is, for this client, moot.

Thanks again for your contribution.
Have you considered changing the SSID too?  It seems like your mac machines are having difficulties connecting to the network, and failing to give the "Your WEP Key is Invalid" message.

If you changed the SSID, the users would simply just need to enter in the new password.

Otherwise, would you like a script that will remove certain networks from your saved wireless networks?  I think I could help write one that removes a SSID from saved networks.  Somewhat automating the process.
atroutcatcherAuthor Commented:
Question sat so long that it became moot.  Contributor deserved points for at least trying (though the system should have done something about a question sitting so long without attention).
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