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Any games that help you learn UNIX / LINUX , PERL, and/or CGI?

I need to learn the basics of Unix/linux, Perl, & Web Programming and to a lesser extent C++ and Python. I am working with limited time. I need a good foundation for each beginning with Unix/Linux . Are there any games that can teach any of these? If not was is a very good tutorial for each beginning with Unix/linux?
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(but such games may not be suitable for one with need to learn the basics)
Have a look at: http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~wjk/UnixIntro/

or alternatively head over to youtube and start watching e.g.

libertyforall2Author Commented:
Not really what I'm looking for. I have some cheat sheets and basic tutorials. I'm looking for something that a beginner can use that makes practicing unix a little more engaging so practicing is a little more fun than a chore.
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
I've did some testing with setting up an EverQuest private server and was able to modify and write some of my own quests using Perl.

Sony has made EQ free to play so I would assume it's ok to talk about it here.  It not then my apologies and please remove this comment.

You can sometimes still find copies of EverQuest Titanium on eBay.

I also learned a bit about MySQL, queries, and modifying table data as I was playing around.
In reguards to your topic title: In the Original Tribes using the Torque engine, the scripting code was about 90% compadible with Perl.  Over the generations Torque scrpting has become less and less interchangeable with Perl.

The best areas to search for learning to program via gaming is in SDK's.  To learn the Microsoft stuff the DirectX is a great source.  For Unix/Linux - Android has plenty of popular support and communities to help learn how to write for their flavors.  Poke around some game developer communities / game Modding and Scripting communities.  Corporate Unix learning is generally not as engadging as the end user part of gaming, however dedicated servers for games run on virtually every platform including Unix.  Without giving external links, search in your favorite engine for your taget platform language and game programming help.  Results will come in mass.

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