Looking for collaborative work space.

I'm looking for a collaborative secure web-based project work space to provide a forum to share and manage information.  They'll need features like messaging, file exchange, discussions, and calendaring. At this point I don't know the scope of this, as far as how many files, users, etc. and am just looking for options. I know Sharepoint would fit the bill but it's a bit pricey for this company, although if anyone has worked with a hosted Sharepoint solution I'm interested to know what they used.
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shalomcConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
Zoho and Google apps do the job well.

if you are open to open source then try Elgg. It was an instant hit in a previous position until the CIO decided that free solutions are not good because they do not inflate the IT budget
dpachecoAuthor Commented:
We have not decided what to go with yet, I haven't had a chance to look at all these products. I appreciate the input.
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