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Hello Experts,

I have Excel 2010 vba code that creates ListObject with ListObject.Add(xlSrcRange, ...) and then fills data from vba recordset.

The problem is:
1. After creating ListObject AUTOFILTER appears in the heading row. How can I disable it.
2. After creating ListObject default column names appears as Column1, Column2, ... but problem is that it CHANGES my column width. Is it possible to "freeze" somehow column width so creating ListObject do not affect them.
3. How can I give the STYLE NAME (one from available in Excel) to ListObject
4. And finally how can I DELETE ListObject

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1 Solution
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
1. Listobject.Showautofilter = False
2. You could try Listobject.Showheaders = False
3. Listobject.TableStyle = "TableStyleMedium2" for example
4. If you don't want the data use the Delete method of the listobject; if you do, use the Unlist method.
KrukanensAuthor Commented:
Thanks 'rorya'

I deal with:
1. .ListObjects("Table1").ShowAutoFilter = False
2. .ListObjects("Table1").ShowHeaders = True
3. .ListObjects("Table1").TableStyle = "TableStyleMedium2"
4. .ListObjects("Table1").Delete

But problem remains with column width.

I found that I can do something with columns using:
5. .ListObjects("Table1").ListColumns(5)....

So I would be happy if I can:
a.) set column width for column 5 in ListObjects("Table1")
b.) set font to bold for column 5

But I can not find how to do it.
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
activesheet.listobjects("Table1").listcolumns(5).range.entirecolumn.columnwidth = 25

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activesheet.listobjects("Table1").listcolumns(5).range.font.bold = true

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if you don't want to bold the headers then use databodyrange instead of range.
KrukanensAuthor Commented:
Thank You 'rorya'.

It works.

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