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sqlservr.exe cpu running high in SBS2011

  I have a w neSBS2011 STD. as Virtual iMachine n Windows 2012 Hyper-V manager.
  For some reason CPU utilitziation was constantly between 20% to 70%.
  I noticed sqlservr.exe was occupying over 4GB and CPU% was average 45% constantly.
  In SLQ Studio management, I adjusted RAM to 250MB from the max. memory which was some astronomical. I rebooted SBS2011 and noticed that CPU utilization runs still just as high, but the memory was down to 400MB instead of 4GB.
  I do not use any sql applications on this SBS2011.
  How can I kill this CPU usage?
  I would appreciate specific steps for me to follow instead of links.

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1 Solution
Cliff GaliherCommented:
First, undo what you did. SQL needs memory. Yes, it will take any free memory you give it, so 4gb is not abnormal, but it will give it back as needed. Limiting it only hurts performance. And setting the limit as low as you have, anything under a gig really, will actually cause problems, as in crashes. it just wasn't designed to be constrained that tightly.

Secondly, the processor utilization lies. As a VM, the "processor" the VM sees is itself virtualized, so hyoer-v only gives the processor as many cycles as it estimates the vm needs, this makes the usage in the vm look higher than it really is. To properly measure CPU usage, you must use hyoer-v performance counters. and for the re ord, all hypervisors have similar habits when viewed within the guest vm. So this isn't hyper v specific.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
I restored the setting. Last night when I turned on the machine, it was not as high as the other night. I will continue to monitor CPU util % on VMs SBS2011.
It was strange that only SBS2011 VM was running high CPU util% whereas other VMs were 0-1%. These VMs are not being used right now because they have not been delivered to production environment yet. So I was expecting 0% from all VMs.
I will continue to monitor it.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
The SBS monitoring and reporting feature is always running, so unlike your other VMs, SBS will a,ways be "busy" even in a lab scenario. Again, what you are seeing is not at all unexpected nor a cause for concern,

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