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VAIO hard drive not detected

I have a sony VAIO when I go to boot it up i get the error "Operating System Not Detected" I went to go use a boot disk to run a "Check Disk" or another HDD correcting program and the hard drive isn't even found. I wanted to see if it was the SATA connectors so i plugged the HD into my desktop as a slave HD and the computer just stayed on the boot menu screen. I believe this a symptom of a "bad" hard drive. If so is there any possible way of fixing it or at least recovering some lost files??

Thanks in advance for any help.
Josef Al-Chacar
Josef Al-Chacar
2 Solutions
Where its causing no boot when slaved the drive is toast(not repairable) and data recovery would only be possible by a data recovery center like drivesavers or gilware.
If it isn't recognised then you aren't going anywhere.

At this stage it is necessary to take it into a professional disk recovery service.  Pricey though.

I would suggest to use it at USB (if you have any hard drive case) it will pass the boot problem. Also you could use a Linux LiveCD to check that is not Windows 7 that's blocking to add the drive.

When booted and that you plug the usb, I would start to recevory with Testdisk.


Efficient way to get backups off site to Azure

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here some recovery links (ask for their fee) :
http://www.lowcostrecovery.com/index.html                        data recovery Company
http://www.gillware.com/                                 "           "                   "
http://www.drivesavers.com/services/estimates.html                     "           "                   "

gillware is among the well known, least costing
I concur. The drive is bad. You CAN get the data but it will be expensive via a datacenter. Basically they have a static free environment where they take the platelets out from the bad drive, place them into a working drive to recover the data. Again, this will be very costly but it is an option if the data is worth it.
Josef Al-ChacarAuthor Commented:
I'd rather not pay for a recovery. I figured the HD was bad i was making sure. Thanks for the help

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