How do I put the vm back in hyper-v?

I have a vhd and a avhd file.  I have the original xml file that points to the avhd location.  Everything should be where it needs to be to show up in hyper-v.  it was there before I started copying the files around to try merge operations.  Call me a newbie.  I apparently followed the wrong blog, so I am trying to go back to a working system and start over.
Steven HelmsAsked:
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Steven HelmsAuthor Commented:
I recreated the vm and attached the vhd and avhd.  Did a merge and all is well.
Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
You could try the method from this blog:

However, the only officially supported method is recovery from a backup of the host server.
Steven HelmsAuthor Commented:
Offered solutions did not work for me.
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