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In the SBS2003 domain, we have a Windows 2008 x64 Server ("Server1"). We have a "Kyocera KM-C3232 KX" network printer connected to the network directly. I would like to use "Server1" as the print server. So I installed the printer on "Server1" and shared it. The share name is "Kyocera C3232"
Now I need to install this printer on workstaions.  On a XP workstation, I installed the printer successfully as below -

Start | Run | typed in "\\server1" in "Open" box | OK

This would show all the shares on "Server1", I then double-clicked on the share name "Kyocera C3232" to install.  Now I see the printer "Kyocera KM-C3232 KX on Server1" with a network wire under the icon showed up on the workstation. Please see the attached screen shot.

Here are the questions
1. Is it possible to remove the network wire under the icon? I believe so, but do not know how.
2. On workstations, I would like the printer name to be "Kyocera C3232" instead of the default name "Kyocera KM-C3232 KX on Server1". I understand that I can "Rename" the printer manually on each workstation, but this is too much work.

Please give solutions as detailed as possible if you can.

Y YconsultantAsked:
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Of course:

But only refers to first method, sharing a printer and connects to this shared print. Second method is really unused. If you want second method, I have never do it (can not provide steps about it) but must be something like this:
- Shared driver on a shared folder
- Make an script (or similar) to install printer using this shared drivers.
- Deploy this script by gpo during user logon.
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
To my knowledge, can not change icon or rename network printers...
Y YconsultantAuthor Commented:
Drashiel, I just tried and you are right, I cannot change the name.

I visited a company where the administrator used "group policy" to deploy network printers. In their company, all the network printers will show up automatically once login. And, the printer names showed up as assigned by the administrator, instead of something like "xxx on Server1". And their printer icons do not have a network wire underneath.
That's what I would like to do.

How can I make that happen using group policy?
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
You can deploy your printers sharing from server or can connect directly to client, using his IP. This can be done by group policy (both methods really) and let you change name because to OS this printer is local.
This second method causes:
a- Icon not appears as network below the printer
b- Can rename printer because it is local.

But has some disadvantages:

a- Spool is made by printer. Printer with low memory or high work may has not enough resources.
b- Can not assign permissions to printer, everybody can print.
Y YconsultantAuthor Commented:
The company mentioned in my second post used your second method, correct?
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Probably, yes.
Y YconsultantAuthor Commented:
Would you be able to offer me a link that gives me all the details how to do this using group policy?
Y YconsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks, let me chew this over
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