Cascading and Stacked Switch STP

my customer has cisco core swtich in cascaded mode. recently they bought Dell M8024-K configured in stacked.
i did a switch failover at M8024-K, the network take about 10 PINGs drop then only resume.
we think this most likely is STP learning.

from both swtich show spannin-tree, we got this from the output..
Hello Time   2 sec  Max Age 20 sec  Forward Delay 15 sec. both swtiches are using default STP parametres. if change the forward delay to lower at core switch will it fastern the STP learning state..? do i need to increase M8024-K swtich bridge IP to higher number..?

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hell_angelEngineerAuthor Commented:
solutions found. to use RSTP for both swtich
hell_angelEngineerAuthor Commented:
attached with diagram..
Craig BeckCommented:
What STP mode do you use?
hell_angelEngineerAuthor Commented:
M8024 is using RSTP. (default)
hell_angelEngineerAuthor Commented:
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