IIS network shared file not respond

i have a computer run as web server IIS and it\s connected to switch than to router
the computer have the following ip configuration please take a look to the attached image
my problem is no responding of IIS and i can access to sharing file  form my private network.. intranet

bcz i have added an ip address to access to the intranet !!
and when i try to login in my webserver the sharing of the folder is disappear
i don\t know what happen with is server .. just when i restart it all is work fine
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
As I could read out of your pictures, you have a IIS, which is connected to the internet and you put a second IP into the network card to access file shares on that server from your Win7 client?

I can not quite understand - because you said it worked after a reboot - , when exactly the connection is lost. What do you do before?

By the way, it would be a better idea, to give the webserver a second NIC and to disable everything with the exception of IP from the external interface.
AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
sorry i have forgot to upload images
kindly note check the uploaded images
AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
mmm what is the good solution i have one real ip and the second ip for intranet?
i have do like this but i face new problem multiple getaway and no internet access

should be in the second interface card use only an subnet mak with no getway?
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The first NIC is as you confgured it...
- leave out the 10.x.x. IP
- disable Windows client und sharing, NetBios over TCP disabled (WINS)

The new NIC.
Put your 10:x address + the correct mask
No gateway...
Enable Windows client, Sharing (like the default setting).

But you havn't answered my question:
What are you doing before the connection is lost...
Second, your client has also as MASK, right?
AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
how i disabl  netbios ?
i have al REAL IP for web server and subnet mask. and dns.

i try to install new NIC and i put the ip of intranet ?

if i have a router A with fa0   sm
computer devices sm and i should enter anothr ip

what is the better solution ?? or i should put this question as new ???
To disable NetBios, you just disable windows client, file and print sharing and NetBios over TCP (WINS) Tab

New NIC: yes, internal IP, everything enabled(file and print sharing and NetBios over TCP)

Why does the router have a differnt MASK? All Masks has to be the same within one netwrok segment. sm and sm
are overlapped IP ranges. This is not correct and struggles the routing table. sm = until, so 10.250.x.x is included here.
AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
my question i have a router connected to mobile operator network
has eth0 ip  10.255.14..181/30

and it's connected directly to nic 1 for pc server with ip 10.255.14.X/30
and i have another nic 2 in the same pc server with ip
to connect to the intranet

Router fa0 ---- connected ---- nic1 pc server  nic2 --------- switch -------- XXXX

so what do u think the best connection the pc should be connected ...
i think if i change the subnet mask of router fa0 to i can ping from to fa0 interface or ... i should to other think ?
This can't work as these are overlapping networks. The computer don't know which route to take..., over the router or over the switch....

If you have two NICs and 10.255.14.X/30 is given, you cannot take 10.x.x.x  - on the other interface..
You can change it to -, if you have less than 65.000 clients.
That means, that all PC on the switch side has to be changed to and need an IP of 10.1.x.x

So just use 10.1.x.x sm for all clients on the switch, and then you can use 10.255.14.X/30 means 2 addresses ( - and mask

router has sm
PC NIC1 has sm
PC NIC2 has sm
all other PCs internally 10.1.x.x sm
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