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Monitoring User activity on Network.

We have a customer who would like to monitor users activity on there network.  They are running windows server 2008, approx 50 user running Win XP on most workstations. Also some users do use Apple Macs to log on to the network as well.The users user different web browsers Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox.
   Is there a way to do this with the current OS , or is there additional software we would require.

An Example of this is

When User1 logs on to the network.
When user1 Access the internet, which sites, how long browsing these sites.
If possible when the machine is lock for user1 pressing Ctrl Alt Del or when the machine screen saver comes on or there is no activity on the machine for long periods of time (i.e Over night if user1 has not logged off).
When user1 logs off.

keeping the logs for a maximum of 3 months.

This is monitoring every user on the network.

Is this possible with one piece of software or do we need separate software for each aspect of the monitoring?  if so what is the software(s) we can use?
4 Solutions
Monitoring / Controlling internet access is trivial, simply add a proxy server to your network to route and log e.g. http://www.opendns.com/

Monitoring activity at the PC level would require an Activity monitor to be installed on each device, so no there isn't a single software solution.
Opendns does not support monitoring per PC. You need an internet usage monitoring program. Programs you can try:
1. WFilter Enterprise
2. GFI web monitoring

These two programs can monitor all client computers internet activities from the server. No need to install any agent in the client computers.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
I use this http://www.track4win.com/?ref=server with one of clients--it tracks (does not control) internet usage (which sites and how long) as well as what software (Word, Outlook, any apps installed) and also monitors time. It has all kinds of reports, per user, per computer, per application. More than enough options. It runs smoothly most of the time but once the database gets too big (about 6 to 9 months of data) we have to start a new database. We have used it now for about 6 years and have been able to get users to minimize non business related usage of the internet. We paid $390 for it 6 years ago so over a long period its a lower cost than some other solutions that require you pay a yearly fee.
One I use and have recommended previously is WorkExaminer - www.workexaminer.com

It monitors all apps(web and office for example)
Will record active time each is used, i.e. if I open and am typing a letter in word it records this as 'active' time, lets say I then go for tea break and leave Word opened - it records this but as 'inactive' time - note the timer is a setting on the software to determine when active time becomes 'inactive'

This software will log everything, even the websites browsed...very good package
Can keep logs for as long as you need, all related to the amount of storage space you can afford to allocate to the database, or you can set it to delete logs older than 3 months for example

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