Automatically add newly created computers to Groups

Hi all,

Basically when creating a new workstation and joining this to the domain, this by default goes under Domain Computers.

This computer I then have to manually move this to any security groups I have previously created (something that can easily be forgotten)

Is there any way I can organise or group computers so that they go into groups automatically?

Ideally if this can be done via IP ranges as we have multiple IP subnets across the globe, just wondering if this is actually possible?
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kiwistagConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can pre-create the computer accounts in AD within the OU and assign any security groups you require (this can all be scripted) and then once the computer registers to the domain it'll link to the empty account where you wanted it.
Mikoyan_2010Author Commented:
Sorry how do you mean pre-create?

When adding the machine to the domain, only then do I see the machine added to the Domain Computers group, I then have to manually add this machine to various groups.
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
You can create a machine account in an OU. When you bring the machine online and add it to the domain, it will go and attach itself to the pre existing account.

BTW you can have site based GPOs which may be able to help.

Also you may use wildcards + script to add NYCWKSTN* etc to NYworkstations group.
Mikoyan_2010Author Commented:
thats great info, any ideas on the scripts?
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