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Can ping server on lan but can't RDP ON lan

Hi - I am configuring a web server and have installed 2008 server R2. The machine has 2 network ports, one of which is connect to our LAN and the other connected to the WAN. Settings are configured statically for both connections and are correct as far as I can see.
However, I'm having a problem connecting RDP to this server on the LAN. Oddly enough I can rdp into the server on the WAN side.

I can ping the server both on the LAN and the WAN.

Any ideas?
3 Solutions

Did you checked with windows firewall? Allow remote desktop into firewall.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
Dear paulmac110,

Kindly let us know the error message which you are getting while connecting to the LAN server ?

paulmac110Author Commented:
Allowed remote desktop in windows firewall ( which wasn't previously allowed) is now allowed. When attempting to RDP on the lan, it now allows me connect but throws me out again after the welcome screen saying "your remote dektop session has ended".

Connecting on the WAN is still without any problems!
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does the user have RDP access?
paulmac110Author Commented:
the user is me and I have RDP access.
paulmac110Author Commented:
I have to add that, since I posted this question the symptoms have changed slightly. I can now sometimes log into this server on the LAN but it logs me out (with an error message) after about 10 seconds.

Logging in through the WAN is still without problems though.

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