How to convert values

I need to convert a value from 2.00 to 0200 the same can be said for 10.00 to 1000

I also need to know how I can change a text string so if the incoming text string is say "Point 1" and I need it to have 16 characters How could I change it to have "Point 1         "

All these variables are String datatypes.

Thanks in advance
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I would change that code to

USL = USL.Replace(".", "").PadLeft(4, "0")
>for 10.00 to 1000

.Replace(".", "")


> say "Point 1" and I need it to have 16 characters How could I change it to have "Point 1         "

.PadRight(16, " ")

cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
how can I change the 2.00 to 0200?
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cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
Sorry I wasn't as clear as possible on the second example. I need to have 16 characters in total, so If I have the Example "Point 1" ( 7 characters) I need to add in (9) spaces after the 1.

However the name could be anything how could I easy count the number characters and apply the remaining set of spaces to the total of 16 characters.
PadRight function will pad enough number of spaces to make it long enough (given number of characters).

For 2.00 to 0200, I think you would remove . and then use PadLeft(4, "0") to add 0 at start.
cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
OK so for example the value 2.00 or 10.00 I need for it to be shown as 0200 or 1000

I have the following code:

 If USL.Contains(".") Then
                                USL.Remove(2, 0)
                                USL.PadLeft(4, "0")
                            End If

Which will do nothing on changing the string.
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