circular reference error in vs2010?


I have two projects and I referenced project A in project B so I can use classes in project A.
I need to use classes from projectB so I tried to reference projectB in the projecta but it won't let me do it.

I am getting the circular reference error.

I tried to use the import but it didnt recognize projectB namespace.

What's wrong here?
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Luis PérezConnect With a Mentor Software Architect in .NetCommented:
Nothing's wrong. A circular reference is a circular reference. You first referenced project A in  project B, so to build project B the compiler needs first to build project A to check everything's OK. But, if is mandatory to build project A in order to build project B, it MUST no be mandatory to build project B in order to build project A. Because... which build first?

If you need to add another project with all the common stuff, it will be a good idea. Then reference that project from project A, or B, or anyone.

Hope that helps.
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