Importing BDC Models to Sharepoint 2010 using WSP files.

Hello Experts,

we are trying to import BDC Models with a .wsp file to Sharepoint 2010. The developer creates the .wsp with Visual Studio 2010 saying it was no problem the import into a test farm.

Now when importing into the production farm, the solution can be added and globally deployed. But when you open the Business Data Connectivity Service Application there is no BCD Model or external Data Sources defined.

Can anybody assist with this problem?

Best Regards
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colly92002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the ULS viewer ( to check the SP logs.

Run the ULS viewer on your live ULS logs (you might need to find the correct server in your farm, I think they are on the first Shared Services box on my setup but can't remember for sure and don't know if this is configurable or standard).

With this running (it will generate LOTS of data, it takes a while to get used to), deactivate and reactivate the feature, and check for error messages.
Have you activated the deployed feature at the farm level?
TRITEC-kuenAuthor Commented:
Hi colly92002,

the feature shows as Activated in CA. I have installed it with the Install-SPSolution command.
TRITEC-kuenAuthor Commented:
When monitoring the logs while deactivating/activating the feature I noticed a URL only used in the testing farm. The develeper replayed the URL and gave me a new .wsp.

Thanks for the tipp.
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