How to convert python program to web app on server

I have done a program in Python 2.7 that applies image filters to user selected images e.g. by turning them to sepia, negative, black & white, etc. It uses Tkinter for the graphics user interface and python image library to manipulate the images. The program works acceptably on the eclipse IDE.

However, I was thinking about how to turn this into a web app. I am looking to transfer this to work on an Amazon cloud server.  This app would just be intended for me to use only to get a feel for this area.  Web app design is brand new to me but as I understand it, for the client side user interface I would need to convert the program by adding javascript and html to the client side while python handles the server side? Does anyone know of any tutorials or other resources that are particularly good at covering web apps perhaps like the one I am describing, using python, html and javascript?  Something that's beginner friendly would be wonderful!
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Afraid you'll more or less need to start again from scratch.

Your first step would be to choose a WEB framework to handle the presentation layer.

Then have a look at a few of the appropriate Amazon EC2 tutorials to get an install up and running, where you can have a play e.g.

then start hacking.
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