New VLAN on Procurve 5412

I have just setup a new vlan it is vlan 49 "voice" it is setup just like my other vlans.  Our switch is main vlan.  48, 47 all setup with ip helper for dhcp, then the ip address for each vlan is 192.168.x.1.  This is exactly the way the 49 is setup.  However, when I ping a .45 address from the new server in the 49 vlan it pings just fine.  But when I am in the .45 vlan and I ping .49 it fails.  did a tracert and it fails at (router ie main switch).  I can ping from the .45 vlan!  I looked there are no routes for any of the other vlans in the switch or on the devices.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong!

Any help is greatly appreciates!
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jburgaardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
-so netmask's are all
-defgw are all like 192.168.<vlanID>.1
-the server do reply ping
-no protective software, firewall or something not allowing to communicate with other networks
mwebb_sdmcAuthor Commented:
Okay I figured part of it out!  It is only the tagged ports that are having problems untagged ports are fine.  This is a VM I am sure I have the networking on the host setup correctly I can get to everything from the .49.. Strange..
mwebb_sdmcAuthor Commented:
So I checked I have it correct the ports.. It is only the tagged ports that I can't get to.. I am at a loss.. the vlan id is 49 that is what I put on the vmware server.. for those ports when I untag them or set them to NO I can't get anywhere on the network once I tag them I can ge to where I need to go but still can't get from 45 to 49
mwebb_sdmcAuthor Commented:
DAMN that was stupid it was the windows firewall..  Thanks sorry for the stupid mistake.. I sooo should have known better (red face)..
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