Dell Open Manange Error 2350 Bad Blocks Error


One of our servers is reporting in Dell Open Manage a 2350 error which is a bad blocks error against a virtual disk.

The virtual disk is a Raid 10 array that consistes of 4 x 2 TB drives.

The Raid was setup using a Dell PERC H700 Raid controller.

Has anybody got any advice on how to deal with this? Or on what I should do?
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Contigo1Author Commented:
Hi Thanks for the reply. Can I just double check that I should:

Remove the disk with the bad blocks and replace it with an identical disk

Thanks again
yes it should be able to work.  best you at least backup as much data as you could just in the event that it goes downhill
Contigo1Author Commented:
Thanks for the help. I am waiting for a replacement drive to arrive once it does I will just swap them out.

Thanks for the help again.
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