Backup Exec 2012 NFR: The Backup Exec server could not connect to the remote computer

On a Windows 2008 Webserver 2008 x64 we get the following error when trying to backup an other exchange server 2010.

The job failed with the following error: The Backup Exec server could not connect to the remote computer.  Ensure that a Backup Exec agent is installed and running on the remote computer.  If a Backup Exec agent is installed, ensure that it is the correct version.

What I've already tried:
* Uninstall and reinstall of the remote agent on the exchange server
* the backup server is a NFR edition so all the agents should be in it?
* there is no firewall running and I excluded the beremote.exe from antivirus
* Installed all patches available
* rebooted the two machines.
* test run is succesfull and also the credentials check
When i manualy force the backup it runs for like 20 minutes, and then gives the above error.

I've have never encountered this problem before so i was wondering if someone can help me with this?

Thanks in advance.
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gonniegijsenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
reinstalled the backupexec 2012 on the media server completely, resolved the issue.
is the directory available?

did it ever work before?

use Domain Admin user account

does it work fine on other servers?

other causes
1. The server name in the selection list may contain an invalid character.
2. Remote Agent version mismatch.
3. Remote Server is Powered Down.
4. Remote machine is no longer connected to the network or available for backup.
5. Backup Exec is unable to connect with any remote servers.
gonniegijsenAuthor Commented:
yes the directory is availble
no, never, it is a fresh install
there is no domain (media server = workgroup), remote server = domain, credentials check is ok
yes, on other servers it is working
then clearly seems to be an issue with the server.

is the local firewall on?

what are the network setting on this server?

Prob may have to rejoin the machine to the domain
gonniegijsenAuthor Commented:
because i reinstalled it.
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