How to update a HP Procurve Firmware

Hi all,

Probably a simple answer for many of you, however I would just like to confirm the following:

I have attached a screenshot of what I see.

Am I right in saying the firmware file (.swi) will be uploaded as a Software Image?

I dont touch any of the Config right?

It also has a Primary and Secondary option for the Software Image destination, am I right in saying I upgrade the Primary firmware, but leave the secondary to previous so I can failover if we get any issues?

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jburgaardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The configuration of the switch can be seen at the web-interface, from here it can be copy/pasted to your PC.
This is not imperative, just an extra precaution.

If you run a tftp-server, you can also save settings via CLI:
copy <startup-config | running-config> tftp <ip-address> <remote-file>
COPY RUNNING TFTP switchXYZ-run-20sep2012.txt
If one day you need this config for an other switch or have to replace this, then you can also copy the settings back with tftp.
yes to all your questions !
atrevidoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes to all -
Before you upgrade just to be cautious just do a copy/paste on your show run to notepad
so if you upload software  to the secondary, then when done issue
#boot system flash secondary

when you're all warm and fuzzy that the load works (after a couple weeks IMHO) then issue
#copy flash flash primary
Mikoyan_2010Author Commented:
Can you please confirm what you mean by:

"just to be cautious just do a copy/paste on your show run to notepad"

Dont know what you mean by copy/paste the show to notepad?
Mikoyan_2010Author Commented:
Great info thanks, I manually downloaded the config files and will use your advise to upgrade. thanks!
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