How to fix that stupid error - DataGridView System.IndexOutOfRangeException Index does not have a value ?


It is a new .NET 3.5 application in VisualStudio 2008.
I have added to a main form following components
DataSet ds,
BindingSource bsData // bsData.DataSource = ds
DataGridView dgvResultset // dgvResultset.DataSource = bsData

Then, I execute some WMI query, cleanup all from "ds" DataSet, then creating a new DataTable (TableName="Record") in the "ds" DataSet.
Then call some method to re-bind "ds" DataSet to a BindingSource and refresh DataGridView.

The thing I need - is read-only DataGridView object showing data from a DataTable object which is in the "ds" DataSet object.

The 1st data displaying works fine.

BUT(!!!) the problem is - on every next data refresh it is reporting lot of stupid errors:
20120919,192131.61 [T9]  DataGridView->Error(System.IndexOutOfRangeException): Index 2 does not have a value.
   at System.Windows.Forms.CurrencyManager.get_Item(Int32 index)
	   at System.Windows.Forms.DataGridView.DataGridViewDataConnection.GetError(Int32 rowIndex)

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The "Index" value is usually different between data reloads. So, 1st data load is ok, on next data reload it reports N errors with Index = 0, then on next  data reload it reports N errors with Index = 4, then Index = 2 and so on. Seems Index value is walking in some random range.

I have placed my own DataError event handler, like this:
private void dgvResultset_DataError(object sender, DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs e)
    e.Cancel = true;
    e.ThrowException = false;            
    Trace.WriteLineIf(TrcLvl.TraceError, TrcLvl.TraceError ? String.Format(
        ErrorUtils.FormatErrorMsg(e.Exception), ErrorUtils.FormatStackTrace(e.Exception)
        ) : "");

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But that only suppressed an error, not solved it. So, all the time on next data re-loads it is reporting tons of that stupid errors. :-\

The questions are
how to get rid of that error?!
why that error is happening at all?! I assume if DataGridView is marked ReadOnly and BindingSource has AllowNew = false it should not try to do anything with Grid data, so should not be any reasons for mentioned errors...

Also - the main problem is not the mentioned error itself but that application is hanging after 3-5 query executions. I assume that is happened because of that error, somewhere inside a DataGridView. That is why I'm trying to figure out - how to get rid of that error.

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Dmitry_BondAuthor Commented:
I think it is not related to AllowNew property. At least - my tests not confirmed it.
Finally, I was able to solve it using code like this:

// this code to be in the Form_Load event handler:
this.dgvResultset.AutoGenerateColumns = true;

// this code to be used when re-binding to new DataTable
if (pNewTable == null)
    this.bsData.DataMember = null;
    this.bsData.DataSource = null;
    this.bsData.DataSource = pNewTable;
    this.bsData.DataMember = "Record";

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It is working for now. So, I'm happy. Assume issue is solved.
The AllowNew property in the BindSource makes it so that no new data can be added to it's list.  This maybe causing the error because (if I remember right) the size of the Binding Source is used for the datagrid.  If new data is added, it is out of the index range.
Dmitry_BondAuthor Commented:
finally problem was solved by myself.
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