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I have an XP Pro that has a lot of custom keyboard shortcuts.  Is there a command line or Windows tool that I can use to list all the keyboard shortcuts on that XP?

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Lior KarasentiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:


ActiveHotkeys is a lightweight computer software program that can display all active hotkeys of a computer system. It does so by testing all possible combinations. The main interface offers two selectors on the left side. The first is called modifiers and is a selection of Alt, Windows, Ctrl and Shift combinations that can be selected. It is possible to test all combinations or only selected ones. Selecting only the Windows modifier will only check the selected keys in combination with the Windows key but not Alt, Ctrl or Shift.
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Following your comment and did a bit of research, it seems that Windows does not have a way to display that list.  It seems I may have to use the tool you sugested.

Thanks Pal :)
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