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Hi, we run Google Apps for business for our emails.

I have been asked to set it up so that copies of incoming and outgoing messages for all or selected users are delivered to a single mailbox. This is for a bit of software that needs to be set up on our network. I believe this needs to be done somehow  like journalling so that the message headers are unaffected.

I was told to use the standard archiving tools to copy all incoming and outgoing mail messages to a single POP3 Archive account.

What I can't work out is how the hell to do this in google apps. Can anyone help. Does the archive mailbox need to be on a separate server or can it be on our google apps server? And how do I set it up. I did try and talk to google about this, but they said I needed to setp the google vault, which didn't seem to do what I wanted.


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Allen FalconConnect With a Mentor CEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
You do NOT need to go into every mailbox.

in cPanel (manage this domain if you are the administrator), click on Settings and then Email.  Across the top, click on the link "Filters" link.  You can create the filter and bcc's from there.

lavertonwoodsAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
In the cPanel, you can setup a rule that copies all incoming/outgoing messages by person and bcc's those to a mailbox.  The mailbox needs to be within your Google Apps domain, but you can provide POP access to it.
lavertonwoodsAuthor Commented:
Hi that sounds like the thing that I need but I cannot work out where to set this up. Can you advise? many thanks for your help

You have to go through each mailbox settings and manually add definitions.
For incoming mail there is a catch-all forwarding rule.
For outgoing mail you will have to create message filters with  forwarding rules.
The target address can be a mailbox on google or elsewhere.

Alternatively, use the Postini service that integrates with the google apps for business plan. It is similar to google vault and can give you what you want.
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