problem to activate Adobe Acrobat CS 5.5

Hello Experts,

I got a user having issue with is Adobe Acrobat CS 5.5. The program asking for serial # and said trial is over but other program of the suite are working fine. The serial we got not working for Adobe Acrobat pro x. We try to uninstall / reinstall and also run the adobe cleaner. Nothing is working.

Any ideas ?
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cforpConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The issue was with the user agreement was in french and have to be in english, We have french workstation and we have to switch the language into the adobe menu. Also the new CS6 works fine.
Do you have a suite that includes Acrobat?

The CS you need to have is:
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design & Web Premium
or the Master Collection

If you have Production Premium Acrobat is not included which would generate the problem you are having.

Just a hunch
cforpAuthor Commented:

We have Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium that`s include Adobe Acrobat X.
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I just read the following - seems confusing but what they are saying is the version of Acrobat that comes with the Creative Suite doesn't get an upgrade

Also the serial number for Acrobat 9 (even if it came with the Creative Suite 5) is a different serial number than the rest of the suite.:

The only updates for Acrobat 9 are here (PC)

or for mac:

If you want Acrobat 10, you would have to purchase an upgrade (even if you own a stand alone copy of Acrobat 9)

cforpAuthor Commented:
Hello Dee Dee,

I understand what your saying about previous version of Creative Suite. I remember that came with 2 differents serials.But for now I`m talking about Creativee suite 5.5 and Adobe Acrobat X.

The serials are still different, when I packaged Adobe Creative Suite with the Adobe Enterprise Tool, I had to package Adobe Acrobat separately with it's own serial number.
ddhammConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What I was trying to say is that Creative Suite 5.5 does not include Acrobat X (it would only have Acrobat 9 and Acrobat will have it's own product key).  Creative Suite 6 does include Acrobat X, I believe.

So was your Acrobat X a separate purchase? If so, I apologize if I did not understanding that. If it was purchased separately and you have a product key for it, you could call Adobe Support to sort out what is going wrong.

You might be able to confirm whether your product key or serial number is for Acrobat 9 or X. And whether it has to be installed separately from Creative Suite CS5.5 or not.

Another thing to try is this Acrobat clean up tool mentioned in one of the answers in this forum:

cforpAuthor Commented:
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