windows 2003 webdav big issue


I have a big problem. Someone deleted a file off your webdav server that I need to get back !

Here is the situation.
-It is an excel file, many users opened it off a network drive the same day.
-I tried several undelete programs, they found nothing.
-I wanted to look at some of the desktops for the office cashe file but  I am remote and can only get into the server. I can access the admin share on their local computer but when I try to access c$/users/local/username/application data I get access denied. I set security and took ownership but still get access denied.

Any help would be appeciated. The file was not backed up and very important.
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
The user profiles are accessable by the user and the local administrators group, which contains the domain admins by default.
So, if you connect to the C$ share with a domain admin account, you should be apple to open more or less any directory. Otherwise you have to use a local admin account.

The directories may be different, especially for vista and Win7 clients, the Application Data folder is there, but only for compatibility reasons and not accessable by defuult. For this machines, use the (hidden) AppData folder.
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