Adobe Audition CS6 WAV Codec Issues

I have been using Adobe Audition since it was Cool Edit Pro.  I have had very few issues with it over the years.  I stopped upgrading once it reached v3.0.

I recently upgraded to CS6 and now have issues with files saved using the WAV codec.  Several software packages will not recognize files saved using the standard WAV codec.  To get around this I have to save them as MP3 files which is not what I want to do.

Unfortunately, this is also a new HP Probook laptop, so I am not sure if it is an issue with the codecs that came installed, or if Adobe installs new ones.  I did not have issues before.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks, Gspot just says that as Wav formats don't usually need a specific codec as such to play, your problem maybe that Audition is not setup to recognise that specific wav type or requires a specific plugin..
Audition 2.0 Installation and Troubleshooting
look down to>
When I playback sound from inside Audition, there is no sound (or sometimes, only in the left or right channel)

Just to cover all basis you dont have any issues playing those wav? do you have any other media players installed on the system?
Such as Winamp? or WMP? VLC?
Any codec packs installed at all?
Are the Wav lossless? Dont know the language here, Gspot doesn't really show anything
other than codec not installed.
What compression used
Look here at my image sample I clicked on the MS/AV1 to see what was used
Gspot wav info
The 3 main codecs I make sure I have is the ffdshow /AC3 filter and  divx including Media player classic home cinema  / VLC which are open source
The AC 3 filter comes as a download plugin for Audition as well
They can be installed as stand alone or in the klite pack.
Depending on what you use your windows system for the K-lite codec pack may just cover everything in your windows or you can download the plugin for Audition.

Worth a  quick read
Understanding Codecs
About the K-Lite Codec Pack
There are four variants of the K-Lite Codec Pack:

Exclusively for Audition.
Flac Plugin?
Players and plugins:
Windows¿[$] Adobe Audition a.k.a. CoolEdit (as a plugin, alternate plugin by Case here)
¿Apollo (as a plugin)

Audition filter
Filter for Adobe Audition and Cool Edit
Hi, could be many things, the old Audition coded these wavs in a format that the new is not seeing right?
Could be that you need to install some codecs on your new laptop to help Audition use these wavs.
Can remember what codecs you had installed on your other system?
Is this windows 7 X64?
Try this
drop one of the wavs onto Gspot and post back a screendump it may help us to see if it is a codec missing ( red line) and what is inside these wavs.
Then we can determine if and what codecs you need. Or updates??
Adding from the Adobe Forums
open the .wav files in the Waveform view instead of in Multitrack?
Or try importing into Adobe Premier.
lsolheimAuthor Commented:
GSpot seems to be a great tool...

Attached is the screenshot from the results of one of the files.

I see that the codec is not installed, but I want to make sure that I install the correct one... which one do I install?

Also, is it possible to install a more universally compatible codec so that Audition uses that one instead?  Otherwise, I may have to install this missing codec on all machines that I need to play the files on.
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