safari 6.0 on Mac 10.8 - transfer bookmarks from old Mac via Ext HD

I got a new Mac 10.8 and want to transfer my old profile to it.  Migration Assistant did not see my old HD.  I have it attached via a USB cable.  I can see the drive in Finder but MA does not see it.  So I started moving everything manually.  I don't see the Safari folder in my Profile in the Library folder as I do on my old Mac HD.

How can I transfer those bookmarks to my new mac??

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Should be in /Users/Username/Library/Safari on your old Mac.

The equivalent folder on your new Mac will be hidden. To navigate to it:

Pull down the GO menu to Go to Folder and type in:


This should open the hidden Library folder.

Copy the Safari folder from your old Mac's Library folder to the new Mac's.
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