How to display the correct question number in the database

Posted on 2012-09-19
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Last Modified: 2012-09-20
I have a problm on knowing how to display the correct question number. Below I have a piece of code (not whole code) where when a user clicks on the "Add" button, it appends rows into a table. Each row that is appended contains 2 columns, One is question number and the other column is the file input:

    var qnum = 1;
    var $tbody = $('#qandatbl > tbody'); 
    var $tr = $("<tr class='optionAndAnswer' align='center'>");
    var $qid = $("<td class='qid'></td>" ).text(qnum);
    var $image = $("<td class='image'></td>"); 
        var $fileImage = $("<form action='imageupload.php' method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data' target='upload_target' onsubmit='return imageClickHandler(this);' class='imageuploadform' >" + 
            "Image File: <input name='fileImage' type='file' class='fileImage' /></label><br/><br/><label class='imagelbl'>" + 
        "<input type='submit' name='submitImageBtn' class='sbtnimage' value='Upload' /></label>" + 
        "<label><input type='button' name='imageClear' class='imageClear' value='Clear File'/></label>" +

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The table the above code appends to are below:

<table id="qandatbl" align="center">
    <th class="qid">Question No</th>
    <th class="image">Image</th>

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So lets say I click on the "Add" button 3 times, then under the Question number column it will display 3 question numbers, '1' in the first row, '2' in the second row and '3' in the third row.

Now if I use the file input in the same row as question number 2 or lets say I use the file input in the same row as question number 3, then in the database how can I store the correct question number in the database which corresponds with the same row as the file input used?

Below is the code I currecntly have on inserting the data into the database (not whole code, just main code):

    $lastID = $mysqli->insert_id;         
     $imagequestionsql = "INSERT INTO Image_Question (ImageId, SessionId, QuestionId)  
        VALUES (?, ?, ?)"; 
         if (!$insertimagequestion = $mysqli->prepare($imagequestionsql)) { 
          // Handle errors with prepare operation here 
           echo "Prepare statement err imagequestion"; 
    $qnum = 1;
    $insertimagequestion->bind_param("isi",$lastID, $sessid, $qnum); 
    $sessid =  $_SESSION['id'] . ($_SESSION['initial_count'] > 1 ? $_SESSION['sessionCount'] : ''); 
                    if ($insertimagequestion->errno) { 
              // Handle query error here 

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Question by:carlbrooks1995
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Expert Comment

by:Mark Brady
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Can you provide more information? You give us a small piece of code that is part of a class object. We can't see what any of the class methods do. In saying that, why don't you simply add another column to the table called 'q_num' or something so the question number is part of your insert statement? Then you can recall it when you recall the question or whatever you are trying to retrieve.

Author Comment

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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

I want to delete this question because I ant to rewrite the question so that it is easier to understand and that I have more chances of recieving better help

Accepted Solution

Derek Jensen earned 2000 total points
ID: 38419186
Let me take a stab at this:

You're wanting to upload a file associated with each and every question added to your form, correct? And you're wanting to know how to associate filename & DB record, right?

If so, it's very simple: All you have to do is give each filename submitted on the form a unique name(you can even make a new table in your DB that associates old & new filenames, for the user's benefit, if you want) and then *save that file using that new, unique filename*, and then store the *new* filename in your DB, along w/associated question number. Thus, your table would only need 2 columns: Question number, and file name.

Then, for retrieval, all you'd have to do is
SELECT * FROM Image_Question WHERE QuestionID = {$somevar}

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or whatever, and then...do whatever you wanted from there. :)

If you did have a filename lookup table, you could do it in 2 queries or 1, depending on your mood that day, but you could do something like
SELECT * FROM Image_Question iq, File_Lookup fl WHERE iq.FileName = fl.NewFileName

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to do it in one. :-)

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