Migrating from MS Win 2000 Server to MS Win 2011 SBS Standard edition

Hello Experts

I have network with one MS Win 2000 server acting as the domain controller that I am wanting to introduce an MS Win 2011 SBS standard edition server to.

Ideally, the MS Win 2011 SBS server will adopt all of the existing domain settings, i.e. I dont want to have to rejoin all of the workstations to a new domain.

Does anyone know if this is possible ?.

Thanks heaps
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I know of no specific documentation, but www.swingmigration.com sell migration kits to go between any version of server std and SBS.  They include instructions, tools, and 90 days support for your migration.  If it is not a process you are familiar with I would recommend contacting them.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Yes, it is possible, however you will be jumping through a few hoops.

The biggest problems that SBS 2011 requires the functional level of the domain to be at 2003 to migrate AD info. Of course, your 2000 DC can't go to 2003. So a 2000 to 2011 migration actually requires two migration steps. Once to 2003, and retire the 2000 DC, and then from 2003 to 2011. I've done a handful of these and it is time consuming, but doable.

As RobWill suggests, a migration kit with support word be advisable in such a situation if you aren't extremely versed and comfortable with migrations.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Agree with Rob and Cliff - it's possible, but you must first upgrade the domain to 2003. For simplicity, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and go with sbsmigration.com as has been suggested. If you want to do this yourself then I STRONGLY recommend you setup a test environment first and run through it in practice at least once... probably twice and if I were your boss/client, I wouldn't be happy until I'd known you had done something similar three times at a minimum.  Once you know what to expect, you should be ok - just a lengthy process... which may mean hire/sub-contract with someone who has experience and understanding of the technology and issues to do this so you can ensure you get it right.

Few points -

BEFORE you do any upgrades/server additions, run DCDIAG on the existing DC and verify the AD health.  If all is good, go upgrade to 2003.  Once that's done, run DCDIAG AGAIN and verify all is good... do some tests with the clients to... THEN, once all is known good, migrate to SBS 2011.
johnkanAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts

Thanks for this.

This is such a small network with no exchange in place present, the quickest cleanest will be for them to set up SBS 2011 fresh, add the 10 users, and rejoin the 10 workstations to the the SBS 2011 installation. Then copy across the files from the existing file server.

thanks heaps
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