Switched Hosted Exchange providers. Now, Outlook users get errors using autofill.


I just recently switched Hosted Exchange providers.  People using Outlook that try to email me get error messages.  I've been able to tell the ones that use Outlook 2010 to click on the X next to my email address is the drop down on autofill when sending a new message.  Then they type in my email address and then it works fine.  Although, if there are users that use the same Exchange provider, even though I've edited their NK2 file (they have Outlook 2007) and deleted my email out of it, it still tries to send to my old box in the old provider which has been deleted.  I guess I'm not so worried about that problem as I am the rest.  Is there any trick to have people that send email using the autofill not need to go through this, especially with Outlook 2007?  Any other suggestions?  Thanks!
Matt KendallTech / Business owner operatorAsked:
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Julian123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When you switch to a new exchange provider, the following functions are broken:
1. Sending e-mail using the auto fill cache
2. Replying to old e-mail that was received from other Exchange users when you're on the old provider

The reason for this is that e-mail sent from one exchange user to another does not route using the SMTP e-mail address but rather property called "legacy exchanged DN" (details here if you want them: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Understanding-LegacyExchangeDN.html). This is effectively the internal email address that Exchagne uses when sending mail between users. When you move to a new provider, you get new user accounts with new legacy Exchange DNs. When you try to send e-mail using one of the two methods above, which use the old legacy DN, you get a delivery failure.

One way to work around this is to add the old legacy Exchange DNs to your user objects in the new hoster. You can add it using what is called an X500 proxy, which is basically a way of linking the old legacy DN to the new user account so mail still ends up in the right place. Details on doing it are here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313324. Unfortunately, doing this requires administrative access to the Exchange server and most hosted providers will not allow this, though you can ask.

The other workaround is the following:
1. Have users clear out there Nickname caches
2. Tell users that if they reply to e-mail received from a Exchange user while they were using the old hoster, when they hit "reply" they should manually delete the user names in the TO and CC fields and type them in again, which will cause the new legacy DN to be used.
Matt KendallTech / Business owner operatorAuthor Commented:
Well done Julian123!  Thanks so much for the detailed and accurate answer to my question!
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