How to Activate Javascript in WordPress Blog Theme

Our current web site blog here uses Javascript and WordPress.  The Javascript is called in the header and the header is inside the theme index.php file itself. 

The javascript is all working, it fires as expected.

We are renovating this site completely and the dev site Blog  I run the same version of Word Press and got smart this time and moved the opening of the document and navigation to a "header.php" file... it is also html 5 and not html XHTML-1 strict.

but, the Javascript is all none responsive.  

What is the Magic to turn it all on... I'm not talking here about JS inside posts, that will come later... just JS on the page itself?

Why doesn't it run?
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
The magic would be to check your paths and make sure all script paths are valid and don't 404 on you.

returns a 404 error.
SivakatirswamiAuthor Commented:
oops, forgot to give the URL to the dev site blog:
SivakatirswamiAuthor Commented:
Jumpin' Gekkos! (we live in Hawaii)  it works...

Sheesh! I thought I had fixed that... I "gotta stop coding so late in the evening" and turn on FireBug  first instead of running to EE...

Easy 5C for the Sage

Thanks Jason!
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
We've all done it.  You're in good company :)
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