how to apply hotfix to issue with as400 third party program

I have a .savf file that contains a hotfix for an issue we are having with a third party program running in an as400/i-series v5r4 mod 0.

I ftp'd and restored the .savf file to a library. How do I now apply the program that has the fix PCXXX for the issue we are having.
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Gary PattersonConnect With a Mentor VP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
There is a standard process for applying IBM fixes (called PTF's), but since this is a vendor fix, the process is entirely vendor-dependent.

You'll need to contact the vendor for specific fix installation instructions.

- Gary Patterson
tliottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, run DSPSAVF against the savefile to verify that it actually was created as a valid savefile. There can be details that might be missed in transferring the file to your system that can result in it being created as a simple physical file instead of a savefile. Running the command will tell you what you have.

If the command succeeds, it will show what objects exist within the savefile. The header information will also tell you everything about how the objects were saved, which will effectively tell you how they can be restored.

Post the results of DSPSAVF back here. It's very likely that the results will indicate what you need to do.

But Gary is right. The vendor should have provided instructions.

BTW, it's almost certain that everything in the savefile can be restored to QTEMP (or other temporary location). That can allow you to examine each object safely, and then the objects can be restored again later (from the savefile) to their intended locations.

That won't be true if the savefile contains PTFs for the vendor's products. But if that's what the savefile is, then you'll essentially just run LODPTF & APYPTF commands just like you would for IBM objects. That would be the preferred result if the vendor is truly competent in that area.

paul_techyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your advice. There was a standard procedure for this however the vendor charged for applying or sharing the procedure. I contracted a programmer and helped with applying the fix.
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