Automatically run Access macro from a shared drive

The Access macro that I'm trying to automatically execute using a batch file is on a network/shared drive.
The problem is, Access doesn't automatically close after the macro executes.
Any idea on how to do this in a batch file/DOS command?
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fhlio_adminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is a command that is in the list when designing a macro.  The attached image shows Access 2010.  The option in 2010 is "QuitAccess".  The option before is "Quit".  This exits Access.  The option associated with this command is a saving option.

Why not add a Quit command to your macro or if you use that macro for other purposes, create a new macro that runs the requested macro and then quits?
kris_sk2012Author Commented:
Exactly - so what's the quit command for access and excel?
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