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Access query help

SELECT DISTINCT [1_sq3_b_len1].adId, [1_sq3_b_len1].pk_ad_len_output, [1_sq3_b_len1].b_id AS d_id, [1_sq3_b_len1].b_db AS d_db, [1_sq3_b_len1].b_t AS d_t, [1_sq3_b_len1].b_cl AS d_cl, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int1, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer1, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con1, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab1, t_rt_el.db AS Db1, t_rt_el.tl AS t1, t_rt_el.column AS Col1, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int2, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer2, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con2, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab2, t_rt_el_1.db AS Db2, t_rt_el_1.tl AS t2, t_rt_el_1.column AS Col2, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int3, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer3, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con3, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab3, t_rt_el_2.db AS Db3, t_rt_el_2.tl AS t3, t_rt_el_2.column AS Col3, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int4, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer4, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con4, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab4, t_rt_el_3.db AS Db4, t_rt_el_3.tl AS t4, t_rt_el_3.column AS Col4, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int5, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer5, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con5, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab5, t_rt_el_4.db AS Db5, t_rt_el_4.tl AS t5, t_rt_el_4.column AS Col5, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int6, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer6, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con6, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab6, t_rt_el_5.db AS Db6, t_rt_el_5.tl AS t6, t_rt_el_5.column AS Col6, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int7, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con7, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer7, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab7, t_rt_el_6.db AS Db7, t_rt_el_6.tl AS t7, t_rt_el_6.column AS Col7, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int8, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer8, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con8, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab8, t_rt_el_7.db AS Db8, t_rt_el_7.tl AS t8, t_rt_el_7.column AS Col8, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int9, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer9, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con9, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab9, t_rt_el_8.db AS Db9, t_rt_el_8.tl AS t9, t_rt_el_8.column AS Col9, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int10, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer10, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con10, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab10, t_rt_el_9.db AS Db10, t_rt_el_9.tl AS t10, t_rt_el_9.column AS Col10, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int11, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer11, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con11, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab11, t_rt_el_10.db AS Db11, t_rt_el_10.tl AS t11, t_rt_el_10.column AS Col11, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int12, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer12, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con12, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab12, t_rt_el_11.db AS Db12, t_rt_el_11.tl AS t12, t_rt_el_11.column AS Co12, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int13, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer13, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con13, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab13, t_rt_el_12.db AS Db13, t_rt_el_12.tl AS t13, t_rt_el_12.column AS Col13, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int14, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer14, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con14, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab14, t_rt_el_13.db AS Db14, t_rt_el_13.tl AS t14, t_rt_el_13.column AS Col14, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int15, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer15, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con15, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab15, t_rt_el_14.db AS Db15, t_rt_el_14.tl AS t15, t_rt_el_14.column AS Col15, [1_sq3_b_len1].Int16, [1_sq3_b_len1].rer16, [1_sq3_b_len1].Con16, [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab16, t_rt_el_15.db AS Db16, t_rt_el_15.tl AS t16, t_rt_el_15.column AS Col16
FROM (((((((((((((((1_sq3_b_len1 LEFT JOIN t_rt_el ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab1 = t_rt_el.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_1 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab2 = t_rt_el_1.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_2 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab3 = t_rt_el_2.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_3 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab4 = t_rt_el_3.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_4 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab5 = t_rt_el_4.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_5 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab6 = t_rt_el_5.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_6 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab7 = t_rt_el_6.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_7 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab8 = t_rt_el_7.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_8 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab9 = t_rt_el_8.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_9 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab10 = t_rt_el_9.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_10 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab11 = t_rt_el_10.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_11 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab12 = t_rt_el_11.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_12 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab13 = t_rt_el_12.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_13 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab14 = t_rt_el_13.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_14 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab15 = t_rt_el_14.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS t_rt_el_15 ON [1_sq3_b_len1].Rab16 = t_rt_el_15.pk_el;

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When I try to run the below query, I get an Access error message that the result size exceeds 2GB. I know that that's not true with this since it was run in the past. Can you please see what's wrong with this?
1 Solution
How many records do you have in tables: 1_sq3_b_len1  and t_rt_el?
Tried to understand the query, using alias names for tables.

SELECT DISTINCT a.adId, a.pk_ad_len_output, a.b_id AS d_id, a.b_db AS d_db, a.b_t AS d_t, a.b_cl AS d_cl, a.Int1, a.rer1, a.Con1, a.Rab1, b.db AS Db1, b.tl AS t1, b.column AS Col1, a.Int2, a.rer2, a.Con2, a.Rab2, b_1.db AS Db2, b_1.tl AS t2, b_1.column AS Col2, a.Int3, a.rer3, a.Con3, a.Rab3, b_2.db AS Db3, b_2.tl AS t3, b_2.column AS Col3, a.Int4, a.rer4, a.Con4, a.Rab4, b_3.db AS Db4, b_3.tl AS t4, b_3.column AS Col4, a.Int5, a.rer5, a.Con5, a.Rab5, b_4.db AS Db5, b_4.tl AS t5, b_4.column AS Col5, a.Int6, a.rer6, a.Con6, a.Rab6, b_5.db AS Db6, b_5.tl AS t6, b_5.column AS Col6, a.Int7, a.Con7, a.rer7, a.Rab7, b_6.db AS Db7, b_6.tl AS t7, b_6.column AS Col7, a.Int8, a.rer8, a.Con8, a.Rab8, b_7.db AS Db8, b_7.tl AS t8, b_7.column AS Col8, a.Int9, a.rer9, a.Con9, a.Rab9, b_8.db AS Db9, b_8.tl AS t9, b_8.column AS Col9, a.Int10, a.rer10, a.Con10, a.Rab10, b_9.db AS Db10, b_9.tl AS t10, b_9.column AS Col10, a.Int11, a.rer11, a.Con11, a.Rab11, b_10.db AS Db11, b_10.tl AS t11, b_10.column AS Col11, a.Int12, a.rer12, a.Con12, a.Rab12, b_11.db AS Db12, b_11.tl AS t12, b_11.column AS Co12, a.Int13, a.rer13, a.Con13, a.Rab13, b_12.db AS Db13, b_12.tl AS t13, b_12.column AS Col13, a.Int14, a.rer14, a.Con14, a.Rab14, b_13.db AS Db14, b_13.tl AS t14, b_13.column AS Col14, a.Int15, a.rer15, a.Con15, a.Rab15, b_14.db AS Db15, b_14.tl AS t15, b_14.column AS Col15, a.Int16, a.rer16, a.Con16, a.Rab16, b_15.db AS Db16, b_15.tl AS t16, b_15.column AS Col16
FROM (((((((((((((((1_sq3_b_len1 As a LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b ON a.Rab1 = b.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_1 ON a.Rab2 = b_1.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_2 ON a.Rab3 = b_2.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_3 ON a.Rab4 = b_3.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_4 ON a.Rab5 = b_4.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_5 ON a.Rab6 = b_5.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_6 ON a.Rab7 = b_6.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_7 ON a.Rab8 = b_7.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_8 ON a.Rab9 = b_8.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_9 ON a.Rab10 = b_9.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_10 ON a.Rab11 = b_10.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_11 ON a.Rab12 = b_11.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_12 ON a.Rab13 = b_12.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_13 ON a.Rab14 = b_13.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_14 ON a.Rab15 = b_14.pk_el) LEFT JOIN t_rt_el AS b_15 ON a.Rab16 = b_15.pk_el;

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Copy the query and use the above code as the sql. Check if no errors in the query.
You may upload the 2 queries with the 2 tables for investigation.

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