Transport Rule To Filter By TimeStamp

I'm trying to figure out a way to filter emails based on their time stamps. Essentially I'm thinking of a transport rule that when the exchange server receives the email, it scans the email for the timestamp, what if the time stamp is within a certain time range, move it to another folder or copy another email account.

Any thoughts?
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So you mean, you want to reroute all mails, which are addressed to a specific user
on Mo, Tue, Fr between 08:00 and 17:00 or something into this direction.

The only thing I can see it to use the Out of Office assistant, but there you can only define one single item.
The other option is to use a client rule, but they allow only dates, not times, and you would have to create one rule for each date (scope) and outlook has to run.

So, I end up with writing your own transport agent
I can't see any other possibility.
Not quite sure what is the sense of this, as an email is usually ditributet at ones.
With power shell, i can not see any date related filters at all, neverless you can analyse the Header information.

The Set-Transport-Rule or New-Trasport-Rule has


but both of them filter to an excact match, not to larger or smaller.

So I don't really see a possibility with transport rules...
wjohnson1988Author Commented:
Would a custom condition be a possibility? I'm not quite familiar in the writing of custom conditions from the shell.
I wrote the power shell commands, what I can imagine to go into this direction.
But can't see any other possibility.

What you can do anyway, you can write your own transport agent. With Visual Studio, you can try to filter out the dates from the Header routing  and do something with these mails.

Nevertheless I#m not quite sure, what you intend to do. If the mail path is correct, all dates in the header has a difference of a few seconds. So not quite sure, what you want to filter.

Another point are the received dates in Outlook. But these dates has nothing to do with the transport and are dates, stored in the mail store, not in the mail itself. And Exchange Transport rules can only filter, what they can find in the mail headers.  

Outlook has a predefined rule based on the received date. But such rules only work, if Outlook is open.
wjohnson1988Author Commented:
So the headers have a date field, what I'm attempting to do is have mail for specific emails delivered during a specific time range on specific dates be delivered to a specific folder. Note this is for a specific mailbox.
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