SharePoint Lists: Filtering a list by finding maximum date across rows.

Hi Experts:

I have a list in SharePoint with multiple rows of data like this:

Name    Status      Date

I'd like filter my list so that I see only the _latest_ entry for each Name.

How do i do that?
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If you use SharePoint Designer, you could create a Data View Web Part that sorts the list by the columns Name, Modified and then uses XSLT filtering to hide any row but the first for each name.

Have the DVWP include the Name, Status en Date columns and show all items.

This should perform okay if your list isn't too long (say, a maximum of 1000 items). If your list is longer, you could try any of the following:

1. Create a second list with similar columns and create a workflow or event receiver that runs whenever a new item is added to the first list. Here, you add or update an item in the first list, for each user.

2. Create a custom web part that uses a query to select only the top result for each name.
epugliseAuthor Commented:
I do not have SharePoint Designer.  I am thinking of connecting the SP list to an Access table and then having a query create a second list, which I'd then link to SP as well.  I would still have to refresh the data manually, but it isn't that dynamic.

In the meantime I will also see if I can get Designer installed.
epugliseAuthor Commented:
Didn't solve my issue, but might help someone else who has SP Designer.
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