Basic and recurrsive DNS tests fail on SBS 2011


We have a SBS 2011 server with a problematic DNS server. It causes users to randomly disconnect from the network or Exchange server.

The Internet connection wizard of the SBS does not complete. Error - Unable to configure Exchange. We also don't have access to our router (ISP controlled). We have a trusted certificate linked to Exchange. My guess is , that these are the reasons for the Intenet connection wizard not completing and rectifying/configuring the DNS server.

Wen I run the BASIC and RECURSICE tests from within DNS user interface, both tests fail.

Any help would be appreceated with fixing this DNS service
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Open the DNS management console | right click on the server | choose properties | interfaces tab, make sure only the 1 IPv4 LAN IP of the server and 2 IPv6 IP's are checked.  More specifically make sure the VPN IP is not checked.

Also verify only one network adapter is enabled.  If more than one the others must be disabled, not just disconnected.

Both the VPN and an unused NIC can bind DNS to them causing these issues.
You can try the EMTshooter as described in the post here

U need to verify which site is running, Default web site or SBS Web Application? Then check which port has been bound for each site, you could check it in the IIS manager.

Please make sure the port 80 or 443 has been bound properly under the Default web site or SBS Web Application. If you have assigned some IP addresses to the port 80, please change it to Unassigned then run iisreset to verify the issue.
QGSmithAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply

Just a few things worth mentioning:
Outlook web access, RAS and Outlook anywhere (rpc over http) and VPN is still working perfectly on the server.

Netstat - indicates that the server is listening as DNS server.

The Fix My Network Wizard always prompts to repair the DNS server indiacating that the DNS server is not listening on the correct IP address. The fix my network wizard finishes with a DNS fixed result but yet it complains about the DNS server when the wizard is run again.
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QGSmithAuthor Commented:
Aadi369 - I have ran the EMTshooter. All tests performed and completed to connect successfully ending with the correct server domain name: servername.domain.local
QGSmithAuthor Commented:
Solved the DNS problems.

The main problem was that the DHCP server did not resolve the DNS name.
The DHCP server does not resolve and DNS server name. It was blank.

Removed entries under DNS zones .local and reloaded them.
Removed and re-added _mscdc entries (careful not to delete these)

I was able to track down the problems using a combination of utilities.

Set login detail and domain detail on DHCP
Flushed DNS, register and restarted NETLOGIN

Ensure DNS ISP forwarders are configured (even swapped them around)

Ensure to wait 15+ minutes

This worked for me. After all these steps the basic and recursive tests started passing
QGSmithAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

The only and closest solution that worked
QGSmithAuthor Commented:
DNS problems were resolved for a day only. Problems started occuring again. I will have to post a new  quetsion with new developments re this DNS issue. Please close this question and do not list solutions to the public
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