recovery data from file server

Hi experts,

I'm really in trouble now with this case:

I cut 1 file from server instead of copy and then delete this file on my PC.
Do you have any solution to advise for me to recover that file.

My file server is running on windows server 2003 std, and my PC is windows XP
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DON'T do as the first comment tells you. First, as nobus mentioned, recovery tools have to installed on separate PC's, then the disks you want to recover from attached to it, and then you can scan them. As servers are built with RAID arrays, that won't be of much help for servers anyway.

Your options are to restore the file from your backups, or if you have setup volume shadow copies inside your environment, use that to get a previous version of the file. The Link below should explain that:
aadi369Connect With a Mentor Commented:
install software Get Data Back......u will get ur deleted file back easily.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you know that you should not use that disk where you want to recover the file from - and NOT install anything on that drive?
you must install the recovery soft on another drive, and run it from there
here some links to good  recovery soft :      pc Inspector -FREE -            FREE  -  Recuva                              Stellar                              GetDataBack                              Ontrack                              RecoverMyFiles
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