Yahoo mail keeps asking for password after logging in

Hi All,
Yahoo mail keeps asking for password after I'm logged on. I can see my logon name no the top right corner (as logged on) but it keeps popping up with the password prompt.
After logging in it will show the outline of my usual e-mail page (inbox tab, contacts tab, etc) but then it will quickly change to the page where I'm required to logon. I will enter my password and the above repeats.
I have tried logging in from several different computers and browsers, and the issue persists.
I tried logging in using a different yahoo mail account and it went in.
Just to be safe, I also tried clearing caches and putting security to 'accept all cookies' and still no luck.

Any ideas?

Additional info:
I eventually managed to try viewing the emails using 'personal assistant'. It came up with the message "There was a problem loading your mail. Please try again later". Screenshot attached.
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as you have tested it on different comps and different browsers it seems the problem is at the yahoo side.  Guess you will have to contact their support to fix this issue.
CoregasAuthor Commented:
I need someone who've had the same experience and may be able to explain me what's happening.
I've had Yahoo do this when I have  Yahoo Mail as the client for some other application that can send mail.  Every time the other system goes into a sending operation, I get the prompt to login from my direct connection.

Hope this helps?
CoregasAuthor Commented:
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