Microsoft Lync 2010 Install Error

Hi Guys,

After removing the Lync client in the Add Remove section under control panel. I tried to install it again and receive the following error:

"File In Use check failed. Please review the log file for details and try again"

I have tried cleaning up the registry but it is a messy process. I also tried the /uninstall command in command prompt.

Screen shot attached. I also can't find the log files the installer is referring to.

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Have you closed Outlook, and maybe rebootet?

Have you searched the registry for communicator entries?
At least found two GUIDs which may related tho this

The logfile is located at
ITKlipAuthor Commented:
Hi Bembi

Thanks for the location on the log files. It helped me understand a little bit more what was going on.

Problem #1: Not removing Office Communicator 2007 manually before installing Lync 2010. Lync 2010 installed the first time without removing Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 but after you want to reinstall Lync 2010 after installing it initially you get this error. (Tested on a couple of machines)
Problem #2: Domain Controller still wants to deploy Office Communicator 2007 via Group policy.
Problem #3: Cleaning up the registry of Communicator entries is not a quick. But it did do the trick.

I think the GUIDs is unique to a machine and wasn't applicable in my case.

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